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Health Begins Within 



Our Story

Biome Probiotics was founded on the belief that health begins within. In today’s world it is easy to feel like we are not in sync with our own bodies. Without a healthy microbiome we are left unbalanced and our bodies lack the proper good bacteria they need to thrive. Restoring a damaged microbiome can take time, but probiotics can help accelerate this healing.

Whether you are looking to boost your immune system, recover after a round of antibiotics, or are looking to elevate your athletic ability, probiotics are essential to any health regimen.

Restore your body’s natural rhythm and balance with our customized all natural and gluten free probiotic and prebiotic formulas. Our probiotics are tailored to your specific health needs and delivered directly to your door.

Our current product lines include:

  • Antibiotic Recovery Formula

  • Athletic Support Blend

  • Enhanced Immune Support Formula

  • Sensitive Stomach Blend

  • Women's Wellness Formula

No matter what your specific health needs are, let Biome Probiotics lead you on your journey back to health.

The Biome Probiotics Team


Joel Stell, CEO

Joel, a licensed CPA, is a MBA student enrolled at NYU with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, strategy, and management of technology and operations. He is also senior account at Rockefeller and Co. Joel completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Houston with a B.B.A. in Accounting and Marketing. Since graduating from the University of Houston, Joel moved to New York and has worked as a C.P.A. in both public and private companies within a wide array of industries including advertising, media and entertainment/video games, and financial services. 


Deepti Gortzounian, VP

Deepti has significant scientific and commercial background including a MS in molecular biology from Purdue University and an MBA from NYU. She has performed in various roles including R&D, technical support, marketing and commercial operations in healthcare industries. As a clinical product manager, she has extensive launch experience including in the microbiome startup field.


Marvin Jiwan, VP of Technology & Innovation

A food scientist by profession, specializing in dairy technology with emphasis on cheese technology. Marvin has earned is MS in Food Science and Technology from UCC, Cork, Ireland and has worked as a researcher where he has published 8 peer reviewed paper with 170 citations in food manufacturing before ending up in corporate research where he works in the global innovation team leading projects based around innovative food ingredients. He is currently pursuing his MBA at NYU.


Hannah Ross Crane, VP of Marketing and Public Relations

A graduate of NYU College of Arts and Science, with a BA in Anthropology, Hannah is pursuing her MBA in Sustainable Business and Innovation at NYU. As the Assistant Director of the Institute for Executive Education at NYU Law, Hannah is responsible for marketing and admissions of the newly launched MS in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy degree. Hannah chronicles her experience with Celiac Disease as a contributor for the Huffington Post and has been independently studying the relationship between the microbiome and diet on health and autoimmune disease.


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